Firebird Jolliest Ranchers 30mg




Jolly Rancher style hard candies in any of these flavors (specify with order or allow us to mix):

Sour Apple
Super Sour Lemon
Blue Raspberry
Sour Strawberry
Cotton Candy

Our hard candies start with a fine oil using from crystal clear distallate. Each candy is infused with around 30mg THC for a slow freight train of KAPOW!!

Yes, these are a totally different rancher than what we sold before! Beautiful, tasty, and much more powerful than you’d expect for a 30mg candy… nothing subtle about it, however the effect comes on slower than before… rest assured, it comes!

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Orders ship within 2 business days, and orders placed before 10AM usually ship same day, but not guaranteed unless upgrading to EXPRESS delivery. We often take Thursdays off.

All packages are tracked for internal purposes but please do not ask us to track your package for at least 7 days after item is ordered; we will ignore all priority shipped tracking requests until then.

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